It is always with a great affection that we remember our childhood years. In our thoughts, we go back there and recall the carefree days, the warmth and the tenderness, and the dreams we cherished. We were all children and we were all dreamers. But few of us have had the rare chance to really live through their childhood dream. Many little dreamers were left all alone, without the support of a HUMAN to lend them a helping hand, to caress and encourage them and lead them towards the fulfilment of their dreams. Being always on the run, we often miss the opportunity to support children and their dreams, to do a little act of kindness for a little dreamer. Let’s do it now! Let’s lend them a helping hand and be always there by their side, because there is no reward greater than seeing the happiness in the eyes of a child!

Time flies relentlessly and we are not children anymore. We have silver in our hair and we are a little different. But we all share the satisfaction of doing this little act of kindness for the little dreamer. We lend him a helping hand and lead him on the long way toward his dream – his life!

We see him changing and we are there when he opens his eyes and finds himself in a new and a better world, a world that he himself has created. And this feeling we will never forget!

A travel around the world, an adventure for the little dreamer, in which he will become stronger, more clever and more skilful!